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WoW Classic: Arathi Basin Now Available! Arathi Basin is a battleground located in Arathi Highlands. This battleground is based on the conflict of the supply forces for both factions in central Eastern Kingdoms - Arathi Highlands is a critical zone for both the Alliance and the Horde. Both factions battle over the natural resources of the basin to claim said resources for their faction.

There are five Resource Nodes with flags scattered around the battleground: Stables, Mines, Blacksmith, Lumber Mill and Farm. Teams have to battle it out for control of bases to accumulate resources. To capture a base, you will need to complete an 8-second channel time on its flag, without interruption, and then hold the base for 60 seconds without the enemy capturing the flag back. Successfully capturing a base will start generating resources for your team, and the more bases are captured, the quicker the resources will pile up.

Arathi Basin Entrance Location and Queue

Arathi Basin is located in the Arathi Highlands. You can queue at these spots, or you can queue at any one of the Battlemasters in the six faction cities. You must be level 20 minimum to queue for Arathi Basin in WoW Classic.

For the Alliance, the entrance is located at Refuge Point at 45.4, 44.2:
For the Horde, it is located north of Hammerfell at 73.7, 29.3.

Resource Nodes
All five Resource Nodes are Unclaimed at the beginning of the battleground. These resource nodes are:

Stables: Nearest Trollbane Hall in the north.
Gold Mine: Northeast corner of the map.
Blacksmith: Center of the map.
Lumber Mill: Southeast of the map.
Farm: Closest to Defiler's Den in the south.

The gates into Arathi Basin are now open in this 15 vs.15 resource battle. Players will need to hone their team coordination to a keen edge in order to capture and hold five different bases throughout the map and accrue resources. Alliance will start close to the Stables at Trollbane Hall while Horde begin near the farm in the Defiler’s Den. The first team to collect 2000 resources wins.

How to Win Arathi Basin in WoW Classic
Simple answer: Accumulate 1,600 resources by capturing and holding Resource Nodes.
Less simple answer: Coordinate with 14 other people to accomplish this goal.

Basic Strategies
1.Communicate. And communicate.
2.Defense! Defense!
3.Consult your map often ("M").
4.Don't go it alone.
5.Fight near flags.
6.Don't fixate on Stables/Farm.
7.Use the terrain to your advantage

Overall Strategies
There are many classic Arathi Basin strategies. These are a few of the more common/better known.
1.The Zerg
3.3-And-Hold (aka Node Turtle)
4.7-7-1 (aka Split Zerg)

Calculating Honor in WoW Classic Arathi Basin

Honor in Arathi Basin calculates on a fairly simple progression, independent of honor gained through Honor Kills (HKs). The amount of honor you earn depends on your level bracket and whether it's an Arathi Basin battleground "holiday". Battleground holidays occur during most weekends, starting on Thursday night at midnight and continuing until Tuesday morning. During a holiday, emissaries from that Battleground will be found in the major cities, and honor/faction rewards for performing objectives in that battleground are increased).

As you can see, you get much more honor from winning a match, so even if your primary concern is honor instead of reputation, focusing on the battleground's goals and trying to win will get you farther than farming honor.

Conditions (Normal) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60
Each 330 resources earned 41 68 113 189 198
Win Arathi Basin 41 68 113 189 198
Total Win Bonus 287 467 791 1323 1386

Conditions (BG Holiday)  20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60
Each 200 resources earned 41 68 113 189 198
Win Arathi Basin 41 68 113 189 198
Total Win Bonus 1451 748 1243 1323 2178

There are two reputations associated with this battleground: The Defilers (Horde), and the League of Arathor (Alliance). Gaining reputation with either faction will unlock additional rewards for purchase from common resources such as potions and bandages at Friendly to epic pieces of armor and weapons at Exalted.

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